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DUO-LOK™ tab shields (RFID protection)
DUO-LOK™ tab shields (RFID protection)

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Capsul case + Surface graphic


New! Choose one of these fun and colourful designs to personalize your Capsul case. This unique process allows the ink to adhere to the surface, hence the name Capsul case + Surface graphic. This special technique is meant to be scratch resistant and very durable. Express yourself!

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Happy face

Happy face | Warm Yellow


Formula | Basic Black


Trees | Forest Green


Mountains | Ocean Teal

Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes | Warm Yellow

Sad face

Sad face | Basic Black


Bicycle | Fire Engine Red
Bicycle | Ocean Teal

Weed leaf • Not available in Québec

Weed leaf | Forest Green

Paper Plane

Paper Plane | Electric Blue
Paper Plane | Basic Black


Panda | Acid Green
Panda | Translucent White


Pug | Electric Blue
Pug | Deep Magenta


Wanderlust | Warm Yellow
Sold Out Wanderlust | Basic Black Sold Out
Sold Out

Bicycle gears

Sold Out Bicycle gears | Fire Engine Red Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out Bicycle gears | Warm Yellow Sold Out
Sold Out