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Line drawing of Capsul Case

Capsul strives to provide well designed high-quality products that focus on multipurpose use, maximum protection, and minimalist lifestyle for men & women’s everyday routines, outdoor activities, business trips and travel excursions. Carry what counts!

Long story short

At the turn of the millennium, using debit and credit cards instead of carrying cash was becoming more and more prevalent. The co-founders of Toboggan Design quickly seized the opportunity and created Capsul Case, a product in tune with the new ‘plastic’ economy.

Card holders existed back in the days, but none were satisfying. Most opened too wide and cards would fall out, while others were intricately designed which made cards difficult to access.

Line drawing of clear plastic cassette holder

The original inspiration came from the cassette tape cases that were so useful in the era before the iPod. Remember?

Even when it was wide open, the case base would hold the tape securely in place and was easily accessible.

And of course, a lot of thought and effort was also put in creating a minimalist, elegant and comfortable case that anyone would be happy to carry around daily.

Close up of Capsul Case

Eco friendly by design

Capsul is proud to be a 100% local product, from design to fabrication.

Right from the beginning, we implemented automation in the fabrication process and rigorous quality control to ensure that every Capsul will last for years to come.

Technology having evolved, today’s cards are not just a piece of plastic anymore. Capsul recently launched DUO-LOK™ tab shields to secure RFID chip cards against identity theft.

Duo-Lok in action

We figured that everyone should be protected no matter the wallet they are using, therefore we designed DUO-LOK™ for both Capsul and regular wallets. Forget taping your wallet with aluminum or buying protective sleeves which are cumbersome to use. DUO-LOK™ will do the job, simply.

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We are now working on new ideas and are always open to suggestions!

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