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  • The go to wallet in our house hold. They last a really long time, are sleek and a conversation starter and ever time we put it through the wringer, we're right back here ordering more.

    Kamau A.

  • I’ve owned a Capsul for my business cards, for several years. It is the best case ever. Just bought 3 more for other uses. I can’t begin to say enough good about these cases. They are streamlined. So they fit beautifully in my pocket or purse. They are very durable. I’ve been using my first purchased case, for my face painting business and it’s still going strong. Excellent product.

    Patricia S.

  • I’ve been buying these for at least 10 years now. Really well designed, great price, and super durable. Love they’re made in Canada. I love how the case opens so you can look through your card without them falling out or having to remove them. Really a brilliant product. Will keep buying as long as they keep making them (please don’t stop!)!!

    Janine F.

  • My most favourite wallet of all! Extremely robust and super compact! Does not open when dropped on the floor! Will last for yearssss to come so make sure to pick your most favourite color ;)

    Pamela L.

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Who We Are

Capsul strives to provide well designed high-quality products that focus on multipurpose use, maximum protection and simplicity for everyone’s everyday routines, outdoor activities, business trips and travel excursions.

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Clever & compact

Ideal for an active and minimalist lifestyle, Capsul can hold your cards, money, and other small essential items with ease. Its durable hard shell effectively protects your belongings while maintaining an elegant design that easily glides into your pocket.

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RFID protection

Protect your cards with our DUO-LOKᵀᴹ tab shields. Ultra-thin, flexible, highly durable, and made of a laminated metal composite, they can protect up to 6 RFID cards when used with the Capsul case or up to 2 cards at a time in a regular wallet.

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  • Warranty

    Capsul is made to last and we believe in our product, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty.

  • 100% Canadian

    Made and designed in Montreal (Canada), Capsul is the result of local collaboration.

  • Eco-friendly

    Made of non-toxic, fully recyclable plastic, Capsul has a very long lifespan, thanks to our constant commitment to quality.