DUO-LOK™ tab shields (RFID protection)

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About DUO-LOK™

As you may know, cards bearing the RFID symbol  or the mention of PayPass™ or PayWave™ are vulnerable to identity theft. Duo-Lok™ RFID protection comes in a set of 2 tabs.

Duo-Lok™ tab shields are made of a thin, flexible, highly durable, metallic and plastic composite that can protect as many as 6 RFID cards when used with Capsul Case and up to 2 RFID cards in a regular wallet. Its tiny triads in a hexagonal matrix shield your RFID cards from unauthorized scanning.

Duo-Lok™ RFID protection was designed to be use with women’s and men’s classic wallets, as well as Capsul cardholders.

Protect yourself with DUO-LOK™ tab shields

  • Ultra-thin
  • Protect from identity theft
  • Fits perfectly with your Capsul case
  • Suitable for a wide variety of wallets
  • Rest easy on your next trip/vacation


We only want to keep the necessary!

The Duo-Lok tabs are not delivered in a plastic packaging. We decided to drop this step to further reduce unnecessary waste in this world of over-packaged products. They will now be shipped inside a letter sheet of recycled and recyclable paper that contains information about the product. If you add a Capsul with your Duo-Loks purchase, you will find them at their rightful place inside of Capsul! ;)

Also, when shipped, the package is as minimal as possible: a reusable and recyclable envelope or carton box depending on quantity ordered.

If you still want an individual, recyclable, plastic packaging, you can add it for free, but we find it more interesting to send the Duo-Lok as free as air! Just indicate it in the notes during purchase, right before proceeding to the payment.

  1. Usage
  2. Care
  3. Warranty


What is RFID protection?

RFID means Radio-Frequency-IDentification. Next time you take a glance at your wallet, notice that a few of your cards have a microchipAs you may know, this new technology contains your personal and financial data. It  allows you to purchase items without entering your pin. How cool is that?

Well, it surely simplifies your everyday purchases, but what about identity thieves? Anyone walking by can collect your data with a simple smartphone. RFID protection, such as Duo-Lok™ tabs, will allow you to rest easy by blocking any RFID waves trying to scan your cards!

Are credit and debit cards the only ones to have microchips?

No! The RFID technology is embedded within certain passeports (Canada, United States, Australia, and most European Union countries), your corporate ID cards and your driver license might also contain one. The PayPass identification only appears on cards you pay with, but other cards such as mentioned above, might also have RFID technology without any symbol indicating so. Make sure your wallet is protected!

How do I use Duo-Lok™ tab shields?

When you use Duo-Lok™ with Capsul case, it can protect as many as 6 RFID cards when placed in between the two tab shields. If you use Duo-lok™ with your own wallet, insert 1 tab behind each RFID card you want to protect. If your wallet slots allow you to insert 2 cards, 1 Duo-Lok™ tab will be able to protect both of them.

Can I use Duo-Lok™  tab shields with my wallet?

Right now on the market, you will find a lot of built-in wallets with RFID protection. What if you already love your actual wallet? Duo-Lok™ tabs were designed to be use with women's or men's classic wallets, as well as Capsul case. Ultra-thin and flexible, it is compatible with horizontally positioned card slots.

How can I make sure Duo-Lok™ RFID protection works?

Test it yourself! Go to a bus or subway station, place your pass next to a Duo-Lok™ tab and try to scan your card as usual. You won’t be able to pass!

What makes Duo-Lok™ a top quality RFID protection?

Duo-Lok™ is made of a thin, flexible, highly durable, metallic and plastic composite that can protect as many as 6 RFID cards at a time. Its tiny triads in a hexagonal matrix shield your RFID cards from unauthorized scanning. Duo-Lok™ is also certified FIPS 201 (13.56Mhz), a government standard for RFID protection.

How long will Duo-Lok™ shield's going to last?

As long as the tabs are not torn apart, your wallet is completely protected. The metallic composite that protects your wallet is covered by a plastic finish. You will be able to feel the plastified finish that ensures a long-lasting quality product.

How do Duo-Lok™ tabs feel?

The silky finish feels smooth and comfy. Its soft texture offers an extra asset: it prevents your cards from sticking to Duo-Lok™. This way, you won’t have to fight with your wallet at the cashier!

Is Duo-Lok™ eco-friendly?

Duo-Lok™ is made in Canada, close to our headquarters, so transportation carbone emissions are remarkably reduced. Quality is our main concern, thus, our customers get their money’s worth with a product that goes in the bin less often! Duo-Lok™ also uses very minimal packaging and is shipped with re-used boxes as often as possible. That being said, the metallic composite that insures your wallet from unauthorized transactions is not recyclable.

Where is Duo-Lok™ RFID protection from?

Duo-Lok™ was created by Toboggan Design a Montreal based design studio. The product was designed and is fabricated in Montreal (Qc), Canada.



Can I wash Duo-Lok™ tabs?

Yes, you can clean it with rubbing alcohol used in household cleaning. It will not affect the quality of the protection.


What should I do if my Duo-Lok™ tabs are broken?

Duo-Lok™ comes with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, provided it as been subject to a normal use. Send us a quick email with a photo of the broken part, the original receipt and a short description of what happened. We will promptly send you a new one free of charge! 

Capsul: Warranty Returns
Attn: Product Manager
Capacity Protects 6 RFID cards when use with Capsul Case and 1 or 2 card per tab in a regular wallet
Material Thin, flexible, highly durable, metallic and plastic composite
Size 85 mm x 59 mm x 0.4 mm [ 3.7″ x 2.6″ x 1/64″ ] (each)
Weight 4g [ 0.14oz ] (2g each)

 1 year

Fabrication Montreal, Canada
Design Toboggan Design

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