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About Capsul Case

A unique design, multipurpose use and a wide variety of color to please everyone, Capsul Case will rapidly become essential to your everyday routine. New owners become very attached to their Capsul Case, and immediately – and cleverly – come up with unexpected new uses.


Capsul Case is designed with a unique clasp and hard shell to hold whatever you choose to cram into it! Made of highly recyclable non-toxic polypropylene and designed with long-lasting live hinges, Capsul Case is completely green and extremely durable.

  1. Usage
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What can I carry in my multipurpose Capsul card case?

Carry bank cards, credit cards, business cards, memory cards, keys, money, coins, receipts, bus tickets, hairpins, hair elastics, ear-buds, earplugs, batteries, jewels, mints, bandage, pills, crayons... Bring it when you travel, for a night out, bike rides, or just use it as a regular wallet. We can't wait to hear your new ideas! P.S. You can also put gift cards in it to bring double happiness to someone you love.

How long will the hinges last?

Capsul Case is made from a single piece of virgin polypropylene plastic, not assembled parts. Its live hinges are precisely formed to bend thousands of times ensuring over 5 years of regular daily use. So don't be afraid to use it often everyday!

Is my Capsul Case watertight?

No, but it is waterproof. If you jump into a lake with your Capsul Case, the stuff in it will get wet. But if you're on a long bike ride and you get caught in the rain, your Capsul Case will keep its contents dry.

How does Capsul Case feel?

Smooth. Its rounded corners make it user and pocket friendly. Try it and you'll understand what we mean, but be prepared for people asking where you got this sexy little one!

Is my Capsul Case eco-friendly?

Capsul Case is made in Canada, close to our headquarters so transportation CO2 emissions are greatly reduced. Our relentless focus on quality assurance delivers a product with a long lifespan. Consumers get their money’s worth, so the product goes through the recycling chain less often. The polypropylene plastic with which Capsul Case is made of is non-toxic and highly recyclable and the packaging is very minimal and also 100% recyclable. We re-use shipping boxes as often as possible.

Where is my Capsul Case from?

Born (and raised) in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Capsul Case was designed by Toboggan Design, a Montréal based design studio. Capsul Case is manufactured in the east end of Montreal. The proximity of us designers to the factory greatly contributes to ensuring a high quality product; we often visit the factory floor to approve production samples and oversee the production.

How many different ways can I close my Capsul?

There is no right or wrong way to close a Capsul Case. When you hear the distinctive "click", you know your items are secure. Here are our favorites:

Thumb slide close

One hand close

Two thumb close


Can I wash my Capsul Case?

Yes - dish soap works wonders, or you can jump in the shower with it. Don’t forget to empty it first! Rubbing alcohol used for household cleaning can also be used for tougher stains. Simply pour some straight from the bottle onto a soft, absorbent cloth and wipe. No need to rinse — the alcohol will evaporate.


What should I do if my Capsul Case breaks?

Capsul Case is made to last and we stand behind our product. Each of us at Toboggan Design have at least one Capsul Case that we’ve been beating up for more then 3 years. That is why the product is backed by a 3-year warranty. Yes that’s right, 3 years! If it breaks within 3 years of purchase, return it to the address below with your original receipt and a short description of what happened. We will promptly send you a new one free of charge!

Will the warranty be honored if I don’t have my receipt?

Look inside your Capsul; you’ll see an engraving that indicates the month and year that it was manufactured. As long as your defective Capsul is returned to us within 3 years of this date, we will honor our warranty - no questions asked. Don’t forget to include a short description of what happened.

Capsul - Warranty Returns
c/o Product Manager
372 St-Catherine Street West, suite 332
Montréal, Québec, H3B 1A2, Canada
Capacity Holds up to 12 credit cards
Material 100% Non-toxic & recyclable polypropylene
Size 102 mm x 71 mm x 18 mm [ 4.0” x 2.8” x 0.7” ]
Weight 25g [ 0.9oz ]
Warranty 3 years
Fabrication Montréal, Canada
Design Toboggan Design

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